Horses Horses Horses
...three ranch dogs...two barn cats...and some goats...
"God's Gift on the Hoof"
The core of our therapeutic team is our extensive herd of healthy, well-trained and sound horses, all of whom have gone through a thorough screening process prior to coming to Due West TRC.
Our youngest Quarter Horse herd member proves blondes have more fun and our riders agree! Her age belies her wisdom as she is able to carry some of our most involved riders safely.


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Photo coming soon!
This darling Quarter Horse gelding retired from a successful barrel racing career to become one of our most popular mounts. He's valued for his unflappable attitude. Graciously donated by the Tholen family.
We hit the jackpot when Heartland Therapeutic Riding donated this treasure to us. She is a very consistent and quiet-minded Quarter Horse.
Thank you to Shaleen Grabill for donating this Arab Welsh cross gelding to us. One of our newest members is also one of our most popular. The barn kids race to the lesson board to see which lucky one gets to ride him.
A sorrel Appaloosa with some attitude!  This girl is a blast to ride and has a great sense of humor!  She is great with children that have emotional disturbances.  She teaches patience and humility.
Mary's retired show horse. This sorrel Quarter Horse gelding won on the open and Quarter Horse circuits in many events until it was time for retirement.  His willing nature and people-loving personality tend to make everyone forget any troubles they have!
Thank you to the Kemble family for this talented, friendly Paint gelding. His level of training in multiple disciplines makes him irreplaceable, especially with our more independent riders.
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This beautiful, black Quarter Horse mare was a gift from Don and Sherry Brown. Jane is very tuned in to our riders with socio-emotional diagnoses. Jane is very quiet and patient. 
Kirk is a Quarter Horse gelding. He is a former show horse who left the show arena to grace our arena. He is one of the most willing horses we have.


A poster child for the noble Thoroughbred breed, this dark bay mare oozes class!  She is a wise, kind model of a mare. She considers it an honor to carry her riders through their paces.
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Dorothy McKee has loaned us this amazing Appaloosa gelding.  His past training has made him invaluable in our program.  He loves to be spoiled!
Our handsome, bay Thoroughbred boy likes nothing more than to come out of the pasture and into the arena for a lesson. His friendly personality is noticeable in his preference for humans over horses.
This Gypsy Vanner gelding is a supreme therapy horse.  His very gentle nature and smooth gaits make it easy for him to carry any rider. His flashy color and puppy-dog personality make him a favorite!
In the dictionary next to the word "sweet" is a picture of Quiz, our handsome Paint gelding. He is truly the sweetheart of the herd and a favorite among our riders.
Our striking black and white tobiano Paint mare is a true testament to faith.  She had an abusive past when she came to Mary and now trusts unconditionally.  She can be counted on to give her rider a fun lesson.
We are blessed to have acquired this darling Quarter Horse mare.  She adapts quickly to any level of rider and is so versatile. This girl is all business!
Thank you to the Ashberger family for their donation of this grey Welsh Pony gelding.  He is very tolerant and a wonderful mount for our younger students.
A pint-sized Pinto Pony with a heart of gold!  She will win you over at first sight with her sweet personality and adorable size!  She takes our youngest riders around the arena and out on the trails with grace and charm.
A western pleasure champion at the highest national levels, a foot injury brought this Quarter Horse mare to our barn.  She enjoys her new career as a therapeutic horse and loves to teach her riders how to trot.


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Whiskers - retired
Our loud-colored Appaloosa gelding has been with us the longest.  He had a successful show jumping career before becoming our trustworthy lesson horse.  His big movement and ground covering strides made our riders feel like they were flying!

In Memoriam

Here at Due West TRC, our horses are just as much a part of our "barn family" as our riders. We celebrate them for the joy and laughter they give us through their individual talents and personalities. We also mourn them when a member of this beloved herd passes on. Over the last six years, six of these beautiful creatures left us for Heaven's pasture. We will always love and miss them. We will always be grateful to them. 


Casey came to us from the Blake family. She was everyone's first choice of mount until medical issues forced her retirement. She was our most vocal herd member and kept track of everyone.

From our Founder and Executive Director on the evening Casey passed away:

"Casey beat cancer and she had choke more times than I can count. She always beat the odds but colic took her tonight. Casey was quite possibly the most popular lesson horse we ever had. Kids would arm wrestle for the privilege of riding her. She had enjoyed the past few years of retirement and was never out of sight of her best friend, Prince. We will miss your loud screaming when it was time to eat or go in. (Not really. #littlehorsebigvoice).
Thank you Casey Marie. You are so loved and I can rest knowing you are in very good company tonight."
Photographs courtesy of Morgan Muehlberger
This sorrel Quarter Horse mare was the foundation on which Due West TRC was built. Her smooth gaits and calm demeanor made any rider feel confident. She insisted on accuracy from her riders and hundreds got their start on the back of this great mare.
Never in a hurry, Fagan gave our more timid riders the confidence they needed to ride. Fuzzy and sweet, our littlest riders adored him.
A flashy, black Paint mare with a blaze and four white stockings, Smokey was a treasure and Tender's right-hand girl. She was the perfect size for our younger riders and was as honest as they come. Her riders always got 100% from this little girl.
A sharp, handsome Paint horse with World Titles under his belt. He was an exceptionally honest guy with a patient, willing attitude. His talent as a show horse was only shadowed by his talent as a therapy horse.


She was our herd matriarch and donated to us by Sarah Rizzo. She was a darling little Quarter Horse with a big heart. Ginger loved attention and never put a hoof wrong.


One trip to Due West Ranch and you will have undoubtedly met the ranch dogs. Murphy is the playful black lab who loves going for a swim in the pond just as much as she loves hanging out in the barn.  Cowboy and Kale are the tag-team Australian Shepherds who love attention and skritches behind their ears. And then there's Angelo, our "horse goat." Mary and Bill had the winning bid for him at our inaugural Cowboys & Angels auction in May of 2015. He made himself at home with the herd and they quickly adopted him as one of their own. Carmine, the friendly goat, arrived on the scene in 2016!